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U-Haul offers the right equipment, at the right price, to make moving easier.   U-Haul is superior for one-way, or in-town rentals.  We offer U-Haul trucks in a variety of sizes to suit your moving needs.  Trailers are also available in a variety of sizes and can be rented locally or one-way. We also offer one-way truck AND trailer rentals together at a discounted rate.  One-way rates are based on pick-up and drop-off locations. 
Hours of operation
Car Rentals and UHaul Rentals
Mon thru Fri 7AM - 6 PM
 Sat 7AM - 5PM
 Sun 10AM - 4PM

We offer everything you need for easy efficient packing as well;  Whether it's specialty boxes for dishes, tape, security locks, wrapping paper, or cushioning foam, we have it all.  Our mission is to make your move easier, so please call us or Click HERE to reserve your U-Haul equipment today.

Rental Fees:

Local rentals are priced based on time and mileage.  However, one-way rentals vary based on the destination point.  Check in your destination with us, and we will put forth every effort not only to get you your one-way rate, but to beat any competitor's price.  Here's a look at the trucks and trailers available to you.


(there is an $100.00 deposit required for all trucks)


(there is a $60.00 deposit required for all trailers)


* If you would like to request a reservation to rent a Uhaul truck or trailer locally (frederick,MD.), please click HERE

* If you would like to request a reservation to rent a Uhaul truck or trailer one-way, or to simply get a price quote for one-way rentals, please click HERE *

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